The path to progress

Revised plans and taking a step back to focus on post

Starting your own business can be a ton of work. And it can exponentially worse the more you try and be a hero and take on more tasks. When I started So Fuego six months ago, I had a huge dream of helping local businesses promote themselves with great videos and websites, while making awesome original videos that reflected my personal style and creativity. I’ve also shunned the idea of any type of external investment, and used the funds that I have saved up from my years of post production work. The idealist in me would like it to operate as hugely successful example of a co-operative, and accepting investment would comprimise that dream.

I’ve realized that starting out this small, and while focusing on every aspect of production and web design for two seperate but connected purposes has me spread way too thin to get anywhere effectively. Web design companies are a dime a dozen and just because I can do it, doesn’t mean that dedicating time and resources to it is a good idea. I kept buying more and more and was using less and less. With a small budget to work with, I was starting to feel the pressure. So I’ve decided to focus on what I love doing most, and what I’m best at: post production. And for the time being, scaling back efforts and going back to a steady job to help pay off all of the equipment that I bought on credit. Sometimes in order to take two steps forward you need to take one step back, and I can say with complete confidence that I’m totally satisfied with the way things turned out. I have a clear vision of what I want to do next, and the whole experience has left me all the wiser.

It makes the process much simpler, and will allow me to keep the So Fuego name true to myself. The potential for editing, visual effects, and motion graphics to spice up some otherwise uninteresting footage is amazing and well-deserving of such a flashy, overbearing, and humerous name and logo. I find that the deeper I venture into the business side of things, people just don’t get what I’m about, and rather than water down my image to be taken seriously, I’m going to stay true to myself and stand out doing what I do best. While I still would like to help small businesses promote themselves and won’t abandon those that approach me for their web design needs, I’m not going to focus my energies on seeking it out. Life is too short to clutter your company’s page with marketing SEO buzzwords ­čśë