New video and the master plan for the fuego

If you have visited the website, you may have wondered why it automatically redirected to a subdomain instead of keeping a shorter url. No the answer isn’t because of SEO. My reason behind this is that from the beginning I’ve been planning on having two websites to represent the different aspects of So Fuego, Until there was some original content to accompany, I kept it hidden. Now that the first independent video has been made, along comes the web presence. So what exactly are these two aspects? The short answer: the freelance and the independent.

Advocating for local businesses

This is the site where this blog exists. I’ve decided to specialize in working with small businesses because I have a special interest in seeing society shift back to more local based economies. I could get into all the details now about sustainability and equality, but I’ll save that for the philosophical animations that will eventually debut on the creative side of So Fuego. Personally, I’d really like to see local businesses showcase themselves effectively with better videos and websites that are not out of date/more difficult to maintain than ones based on a modern CMS; thriving and bringing more diversity and ideas instead of the assembly line/profit maximizing mentality of today.

My creative outlet for expression

This is the site on the main domain. I have many ideas that span both the humorous and the philosophical that I would like to explore and share with the world. Naturally I want to do have fun doing this in a way that is going to be much more informal, and hard to be taken seriously in a business setting, and at the same time there are some things here that will just bore someone to death if it appeared on the other site. This recent video was a joint creative effort between myself and cake artist, Kim Simons. I’ve been wanting to do because she is full of talent, and has a great personality. So I decided to film her doing her thing and making one of her cakes and condense the process to a brief 4 minute video while getting some cool soundbites. If this pilot introducing her talents as a cake artist takes off, we have a fun original concept for a future series that would require a lot more pre-production, but would make for a much more interesting/informative experience.

The current state of the fuego

Having these two separate identities is pretty unconventional and I really haven’t seen it done before like this. Even though it essentially cuts progress in half for each side, I’ve been wanting to experiment with this approach regardless. Especially since I’m not a “salesy” kind of guy, and I’d like good content being my number one way being introduced to new clients. In some cases, both websites are not mutually exclusive, and do have the potential for significant overlap. This particular video, could work being featured either way, which is why I have it on both sites. But as So Fuego grows and there is more time/budget to add original content, you’ll see both sides develop their distinctive identities; with specific aspects/social media accounts better representing their purpose drifting towards the fun or the professional.


The sides of the fuego

So Fuego Productions vs So

You probably notice that the there are two distinct variations of the logo; and the So Fuego mascot really has no place on this website, but at the moment I’m letting it slide as there are more important things to focus on than getting sidetracked creating a new banner graphic (in a manner that fits the standards of my vision) serving no other purpose than representing the business aspect. Moreover, So Fuego in itself is a badly translated pun that can be hard to take seriously in a professional setting, but I chose it simply because I like it. It’s fun and memorable and carries with my personality and a distinct image that when the time comes, will allow it to stand out and shine.