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How to Enable People to Upload to your YouTube Channel

Managing a YouTube account can be a daunting task for any small business. From uploading large video files to going through various search optimization tweaks, the whole process can seem downright overwhelming. If you are not used to spending significant time behind a computer screen, the best method to enable people to upload to your YouTube channel might be hard to find.

Over the years, I’ve seen several companies try to distribute the workload by simply sharing their YouTube password. This is a terrible solution because these passwords usually aren’t limited to just signing into YouTube. Google offers many services that are linked together and giving away your login info could allow access to your email, your personal calendars, and your cloud storage. That’s sensitive information I certainly wouldn’t want to entrust to anyone else, nor would I want clients (or even friends and family) to entrust it to me!

The Better Way to Delegate YouTube Access

Several years ago, Google came to the rescue with a new feature that allowed other people to manage a Google+ page . Because Google+ accounts can be linked to YouTube, this makes it much easier to have others effectively handle your YouTube campaigns. However, it doesn’t work in all situations and I’ll address that at the end of this article.

Enable People to Upload to your YouTube Channel – The Steps

The following is a detailed explanation of the steps needed to set up managers to administrate your YouTube channel. I have also included plenty of photos to make it easily accessible to people of all skill levels.

Step 1 – Make Sure You Are Signed in to the Correct Account

While this step may seem obvious, forgetting about it can be a pain if you have several gmail/Google+ accounts or YouTube channels .

Double check your youtube account

  1. Click your Google account icon in the top right. This will either be a picture that you uploaded or the default avatar that Google provides (pictured).
  2. Verify that the main YouTube account on the menu is the one that you want allow someone else to manage.

Step 2 – Navigate towards your YouTube settings

Locate YouTube Channel Settings
You’ll want to find the icon of the gear pictured to the right of the “creator studio” button. Clicking that will bring you to the YouTube settings page where you can control your privacy and email settings as well delegate administrative privileges to your channel.

Step 3 – Diagnose your Google account situation

Your YouTube settings overview can come in one of three flavors depending on how your account is configured. I have included pictures and instructions on what can be done for each situation.

Add or remove managers

YouTube account A
Skip to step 5

Connect channel with Google+

YouTube account B
Go to Step 4

None of the above

YouTube account C
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Step 4 – Connect to a Google+ account

Click on the link that you just identified and Google will prompt you to connect with Google+. Word of caution: under no circumstances should you connect to a non-business profile! If it is not a “page,” you will not be able to appoint managers. If you are not sure what to do when the window appears, do not worry. The changes do not take effect until make a selection. If you haven’t yet clicked on a choice, you can escape this page by hitting the back button.

Step 5 – Add a page manager

You’re almost done! All that’s left to do is to click on the “Add or remove manager” link that is pictured and follow the instructions from there. Once you reach this point, the process is as simple as copying/pasting an email address! Just keep in mind that you’ll want to choose the option for “manager” and not “communications manager.” You can read more details on the distinction as well as find further instructions on Google’s support page.
Link to enable people to upload to your YouTube channel

 The dreaded business/personal combination

I’ve recently encountered this problem when working with one of my clients. He had his professional YouTube account linked to a personal Google+ page. At first glance, you wouldn’t think it would be a problem, but there is an important distinction made between Google+ profiles and pages. Google+ profiles can not have channel managers. I can not stress that enough! Unless you have a professional Google+ page linked to your YouTube account, the only way to have your videos professionally managed is by completely handing away the keys to your Google identity!  It is an unexpected obstacle that can seriously pull the brakes on your video’s debut.

In this situation, I ended up working over the phone with my client for multiple hours as we went over the upload/optimization process together. I had my browser open to match the pages he was viewing and gave detailed instructions on what to do next. It took a lot longer and required a major collaborative effort from the both of us. While YouTube is very user friendly for basic usage, if you really want to maximize a video’s potential, you’re going to have to work with fairly large file uploads and navigate through many settings that most people aren’t familiar with.

A possible way to save the day

If you’ve already linked an established YouTube channel to an important Google+ profile, fear not. You might not be doomed to a life of YouTube uploads and managing metadata. An older YouTube account attached to a Google+ profile can be severed with a solution from Google.

The moral of the story: if you are just establishing your business’s social media presence, heed these warnings, plan carefully, and do research to set up your accounts the right way before they become irreplaceable. It just might save you from major headaches later on down the road.