Controlling out of control copyrights

Any video editor knows how difficult it can be to find images or music that you actually have the rights to use when budgets are low. If you’re not careful of what you source, you’ll get stuck with an annoying and expensive lawsuit. While there are protective provisions for good honest fair use, they are […]

The path to progress

Revised plans and taking a step back to focus on post

Starting your own business can be a ton of work. And it can exponentially worse the more you try and be a hero and take on more tasks. When I started So Fuego six months ago, I had a huge dream of helping local businesses promote themselves with great videos and websites, while making awesome […]

New video and the master plan for the fuego

If you have visited the website, you may have wondered why it automatically redirected to a subdomain instead of keeping a shorter url. No the answer isn’t because of SEO. My reason behind this is that from the beginning I’ve been planning on having two websites to represent the different aspects of So Fuego, Until […]

Youtube image

How to Enable People to Upload to your YouTube Channel

Managing a YouTube account can be a daunting task for any small business. From uploading large video files to going through various search optimization tweaks, the whole process can seem downright overwhelming. If you are not used to spending significant time behind a computer screen, the best method to enable people to upload to your […]

New Logo Animation

The finishing touches are now complete on So Fuego’s logo animation which will be used in the upcoming youtube channel. It combines the both sides of the brand and gives the So Fuego mascot his first spoken line (voiced by yours truley). I’d like to extend a special thanks to the extremely talented Buddha Gurung […]

Why local business?

I drafted this for the description of So Fuego’s facebook page. I wanted to repost here as it contains some more info on what So Fuego does and its mission:

Introducing the PortFAUXlio

I have recently rolled out a new widget on the site featuring special deals for small businesses to coincide with my reduced rate as I establish So Fuego Productions. It’s a fun bingo-like element, that will not only convey the discounted pricing plan for companies that leave a special positive impact, but will also grow […]

So Fuego Productions Full Logo

Welcome to the Fuego!

Hey hey hey!¬† What’s happening internet? Hello, my name is Corey Hanson. I’m the founder of So Fuego Productions. I’m very happy to announce that this website has been “completed.” I use the quotes because I have many ideas that I’d like to see manifest, but I’m going to put them aside at the moment […]